Client Testimonials

“Kristina’s help has been invaluable, on multiple occasions! To give one example, we were struggling to trim our 130-lb dog’s nails. Our dog was clearly anxious and in distress throughout the nail clipping process, but we were reluctant to resort to medication to force him to cooperate. Kristina taught us techniques to reduce anxiety and build trust, and the results of her “positive husbandry” approach have been phenomenal. We love her positive-reinforcement-only methods and her emphasis on a consent-based as opposed to restraint-based grooming and healthcare model. The lessons she taught us have made our lives so much easier, and our dog adores her!” -Virginia R.

“Kristina is the best. She helped me with a puppy that would not leave the house. She even rescued me when I was on vacation by getting my dog and bringing her to our home. She is very skilled and extremely loving and can help with any problems you might have with your pet. Very highly recommend!” – Janice O.

“Working with Kristina has been life-changing for helping my 2-year-old border collie/beagle mix, Zogi, with her fear-based aggression. Prior to meeting Kristina, Zogi had gone through several trainers. Despite numerous meetings with them, Zogi remained frightened and aggressive toward the trainers. Kristina reads animals incredibly well, and immediately put Zogi at ease so that Zogi was able to actually learn from her. The skills that Kristina taught us were absolutely amazing. Within days of using the news skills, Zogi went from going into a full body tremble and showing aggression when new people entered the home to calmly laying down in their presence, even going up to sniff them or ask them for massages! It was incredible. Zogi also improved a great deal on her walks. Whereas before she would frequently become “flooded” outside, either going into flight mode and pulling on the lease with all her might, or freezing and refusing to move, Zogi is now able to walk with minimal fear even through large groups. She’s also been trusting strangers more and more, and will go up to accept treats and pets on her walks—something I never could have imagined before. We are tremendously grateful to have found Kristina, and hope that others can benefit from her amazing skills and knowledge! Whatever the challenge we’ve faced, Kristina has provided calm, clear, remarkably effective guidance. Thank you, Kristina!!!” – Ashley K.